Beginners Course

Target Archery

You have your bow and arrow. 90 meters away stands your goal. Your task is to shoot the arrow in the bullseye of 12.2 cm. Not one arrow, but 36 arrows. That is the challenge.

In our club, Reineveld, we obviously do not start at 90 meters, but 10 meters. Afther a while you can shoot at FITA competition distances of 18 or 25 meters. You learn Archery step by step, arrow for arrow. Do you want to learn this?

We have a 3-months beginner course of approximately 12 lessons where you will learn the basics of archery.The course will cover all the safety elements as well as how to shoot. Reineveld Archery Club provides all the equipment and coaching. The course starts several times a year when there are sufficient participants.

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